What's Included

01/ #workwithme

Weekly one on one sessions with The Wellness Boss who works with you and your health team to get you the results that you want.

02/ #beyourownhealthleader

Custom programs to guide you through your habit and fear loops that are currently creating a life you don't love.

03/ #bestversionofyou

Learn HOW TO apply the foundational five steps to Transformation which will teach you how to uplevel your life.

04/ #resultsfocused

We guide you on learning new simple habit change strategies that will have a huge impact on your health from the inside out. You will receive a dedicated workbook designed with action steps to take you  step by step through this transformational process. PLUS a gorgeous welcome gift & journal!

05/ #LetsGetStarted

Fill out the Health Assessment Form and Book your Free Discovery Session. Let's connect to see how I can help you today.

 Case Studies & Testimonials

Overwhelmed Working Mom

Melanie, a very busy, overwhelmed executive mother of two who is required to travel frequently throughout the year, seeks better relationships, self-love, and balance

Stressed Out Binge Eater

Krista, an overwhelmed and stressed out working mother of two suffers from binge eating and lack of self esteem. She desperately wants to stop the emotional eating, reconnect to her self-love and find a work life balance that is sustainable 

Nancy Adams


Right from the beginning, she made suggestions that caused a shift in my thinking.

Nikita McGee


Katrina took on the role as my therapist, coach and confidant and I cant wait to start my next sessions with her!!

Melani Luedtke-Taylor


Wow! I waited way too long to do this for myself.  No crash diets, no ridiculously long exercise routines, just real solutions to my individual issues.

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