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Oromocto, NB, Canada

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Lose Weight When Nothing Else Works

holistic trauma release

Mon @

4:30 pm

Wed  @

6:45 pm

This program is designed to release trauma that has been trapped in your meridians, chakras, nerves, fascia, and tied to your emotions. This powerful, yet gentle holistic method will to help release stuck chi (energy) from within. Together, Portia and Katrina will guide you through a tapping session, followed by a guided meditation, moving into specific stretches and finally into the holistic trauma release tremor. This Trauma Release method was discovered by David Berceli, PhD.  The different positions used will help to allow your body to tremor naturally.  As you tremor, you are releasing stuck chi and emotions through a gentle physical release.  We will ensure a safe space is held for each of you to help you on your path to healing. We look forward to helping you overcome what's holding you back, and making 2020 a very transformational year for you!

We are very excited to announce this new program that will be offered at Sculpt Health & Wellness Oromocto. Program begins January 13 for men and January 15 for women. Program runs for six weeks. $120

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wellness talks

Last Saturday of Every Month @ 10 am

Drop in monthly wellness talk. $5

Learn from the Experts with Portia Marsh & Katrina Houghton.

2020 Calendar:

February 8 - Are you acidic? Quite possible after the holidays - Learn how to check the PH levels in the body and how to create an Alkaline State

29 February - Discover different ways to get productive sleep

28 March - How cortisol affects the body and what to do about it

25 April - Join us as we explain what and why we incorporate Holistic Modalities into our practise and what they actually do for you

30 May - Everyone thinks they need to cut calories  - what if we cut chemicals instead?

27 June - Stop doing the same work outs over and over - learn proper progressions in the gym

Topics Coming Soon:

July -

August -

September -

October -

November -

December -

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