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What would your services do for me?

We would establish where we need to focus our attention on you to begin the journey back to health

How are you going to get me to love myself again?

We will focus on making small 1% changes each day during our 1:1 coaching time together

I'm a picky eater, can you still work with me?

Yes, I'll create a custom meal plan based on the foods you like. And this journey is so much more than just foods you enjoy.

I love to eat and I don't want to starve myself to lose weight!

I don't promote deprivation. I want you to take in nutrient dense food and foods that bring you pleasure.

I'm a hot mess and have no idea where to start

I'm going to hold your hand and help you navigate to find the best version of you!

How will you make me feel better?

I will guide you through a process of deep connection and taking new actions that will bring you feelings of wholeness and an understanding of how to love yourself fully

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