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Your Wellness Ride or Die

A 12 week one on one health and life coaching program for women ready to leave burnout behind and instead make themselves a priority, transform their health and mindset, and get back in control of their life.

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If you are ready to take back control of your health and life in 90 days, then I am ready to work with you!

1. You’re sick of repeating the same binge and burnout self sabotage loop


2. You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out with all the thoughts bouncing around in your head like a mad woman


3. You know you want to make some serious changes but don’t know where to start

4. You’re done burning the candle at both ends and realize that you can’t keep this up.

If that sounds like you, keep reading....

Women just like you experience this cycle over and over, but you can put an end to it today. 

It’s time to stop saying things like:

  • I just don’t have enough time


  • This is how I’ve always been and will always be


  • There is always someone else to take care of first - the kids, the husband, the house, the dog


  • I don’t want to waste my money on another program that won’t work

Our Goal here is to Strive for Consistency, Not Perfection!

And with the right system, support and accountability mountains can be moved!

I get you and here’s why:

I have never been thin. I have always admired tall slim women. I am not that. It took me such a long time to learn how to accept my body and learn to love my body assets. I became a mother and ended up having three babies in three years. One was planned, the other two were not. While my soul craved motherhood, I was not prepared to raise these children as a solo parent and found myself quickly in that situation. 

How many times have you taken a step back and said this is not my life – this is not how it was supposed to unfold? I have been overweight simply by not knowing enough. It wasn’t that I was eating my emotions or using food to fill a void, I simply did not know any better. I have experienced burnout as a mother and as a corporate employee. Why is that? It’s because I am so passionate and such a hard worker. It’s also because I held a belief that I had to prove myself.


I did not work when my children were young and even though I did a thousand times more at taking care of them and our home, I had guilt. Guilt that I was not contributing to the family financially. I was desperately trying to prove myself as a mother.  And when I did leave my husband and found myself needing a 9-5 I burnt myself out proving that I was good enough for this job, and climbing up the corporate ladder quite quickly, 1. To get a pay raise and have consistent income so that I could contribute to my family financially and 2. To prove that I knew what the hell I was doing.

Both of these were non supporting belief systems. If you can relate to loving your kids to death but still desperately needing a break, or passionately giving your all at work but still feeling completely depleted. I get you. I hear you. I was you. And this is my mission. To help those stay at home mamas who are struggling and to help those career driven mamas who are struggling. 

With the twelve week “Your Wellness Ride or Die” program that I’ve developed, I will guide you through the process of completely transforming your current health habits and unsupportive beliefs so that you have a powerful body-mind connection and learn how to step into the very best version of you, simply by being amazingly awesome you!

1:1 Coaching

This is no cookie cutter program. I offer solution based custom built programs to meet your needs. 


Together we will: decode your symptoms, wants, desires and connect you to what your cravings are telling you.


Together we will unpack your habit and fear loops that are keeping you stuck and holding you back.


 And we will set up personal boundaries, stop the self sabotage cycle, create new beliefs and habits to build you a body and life that you are proud of and are excited to wake up to every day


You will receive access to the exclusive Your Wellness Ride or Die Facebook community where you can access additional handouts, masterclasses, interviews, and like minded women who are on the same journey as you.

Support and Accountability

One-on-one coaching calls with me, your personal Wellness Boss to discuss your goals and how we can achieve them together.

Heart Shape Soap Bubbles


Imagine having enough energy to achieve your goals and dreams, enough time to get everything done off of your to do list, and motivation to fulfill your deepest desires.


During this program you will uncover what’s been holding you back, keeping you stuck and repeating the same un-supporting cycle. Together we will create lasting results that puts you in control of your health and life to feel prioritized and energized in all that you do.


Imagine how it will feel to step into the very best version of you. Full of confidence, energy, and excited to embrace each day.

Tanya Rocca

Katrina is with you every step of the way, guiding and leading you to better health and wellness. She wholeheartedly goes on your health journey with you - unravelling, discovering and celebrating you. She is like a best friend who is kind, funny as heck but one who is honest and truthful and has your best interest at heart. She rocks!

Melanie Drouin

When I met Katrina I felt an instant connection with her. Her smile, her kindness and her non judgement are only a few of her best attributes. I started the 90 day plan with her and kept going longer because it felt good to have her along on my journey, I felt safe, listened too and relatable. Katrina provides good advice based on real life and tools to make them a habit. She offered numerous hand outs that the whole family uses and her advice resonate now in my everyday life without being too much to handle. I travel for work and she always accommodate my schedule. I highly recommend you call her and you will see that you won’t regret your time with her, she provides excellent coaching

Hailey Aucoin

I did the 90 day program with Katrina and it changed my life! I struggle a lot with binge eating and mental health issues. Katrina gave me coping mechanisms to help me and worked with me through the 90 days making sure I was doing okay. If I fell off track she would give the best pep talks! I’m sad our time is over but grateful for how she helped me!
Heart Shape Soap Bubbles

Are you ready?

So let me ask you, are you ready to break through burnout and take back control of your health and life?


Your first step is to book a discovery call with me so that we can decide together if this program is the right fit for you. I invite you to book a Free Discovery Call with me so that we can uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the mind, body and health you want.

Develop a powerful vision for your Wellness Ride or Die Transformation, and what it will mean for you, for your health and for your life.

Discover which foods and habits are bringing your body down, and what to do about it.

Let’s Do This!

Your Wellness Ride or Die 12 Week Program  is perfect for...

1. Stay at home moms trying to stay on track and balance the kids, the house and their personal health and life goals


2.Working mamas who are juggling their career, home, and kids and trying to stay sane through it all


3.Busy women battling burnout ready to optimize their health, take their wellness into their own hands and start feeding a full, healthy and purposeful life. 


4.Professional women ready to take action and follow a step by step system, without feeling stressed out, confused or overwhelmed.

5.Those of you who want to scream YES to becoming a better version of YOU and are willing to do the work to get there.


Right from the beginning, she made suggestions that caused a shift in my thinking.

Let's Go

Your first step is to book a discovery call with me so that we can decide together if this program is the right fit for you.


Let's start there so we can uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the mind, body and health you want.

Together, we will develop a powerful vision for your Wellness Transformation, and what it will mean for you, for your health and for your life.

We will uncover which foods and habits are bringing your body down, and what to do about it.

Let’s Do This

Frequently Asked Questions

What would your services do for me?

We would establish where we need to focus our attention on you to begin the journey back to health

How are you going to get me to love myself again?

We will focus on making small 1% changes each day during our 1:1 coaching time together

I'm a picky eater, can you still work with me?

Yes, I'll create a custom meal plan based on the foods you like. And this journey is so much more than just foods you enjoy.

I love to eat and I don't want to starve myself to lose weight!

I don't promote deprivation. I want you to take in nutrient dense food and foods that bring you pleasure.

I'm a hot mess and have no idea where to start

I'm going to hold your hand and help you navigate to find the best version of you!

How will you make me feel better?

I will guide you through a process of deep connection and taking new actions that will bring you feelings of wholeness and an understanding of how to love yourself fully

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