Where to start... A friend of mine, who is a friend of Katrina sent me a message telling me to contact her to submit my name for 5 free sessions for either Reiki or Reflexology. I was very hesitant. I waited till the dead line to submit my name and thought it was a waste of my time. On June 05 2016, the journey started for me. After just 1 session of reflexology, I could feel this was something I had to keep doing. Once I had my first Reiki session done, I got the confirmation that my energy was messed up. Katrina helped me get my energy and my life back on track. She is really gifted. I've been getting Reiki and Reflexology done since. It was so helpful that I decided to bring my 3 daughters as well. They are always asking when the next session is booked for. They just love it. It brings them balance, calmness and energy. I wanted my husband to start Reiki as well, but he was not interested at all. So for xmas 2017, I decided to by a gift card for a Reiki session that way, I knew he wouldn't have a choice to try it. Since his first appointment he was hooked. So now the whole family is a regular client of Katrina's. We just want to say thank you Katrina for the beautiful work you offer. To everyone out there, don't be hesitant like I was and treat yourself (body, mind and soul) with one of Katrina's services.

Nancy Goguen