Nancy Adams



When I began this journey, I wanted Katrina to suggest ways to lose weight and gain energy. It was so much more than that! The program started like most weight-loss programs do with the stuff that many people know: drink more water, exercise, clean-eating. Right from the beginning, she made suggestions that caused a shift in my thinking. It was more about clearing the clutter in my work-place, home, and my head. It was about self-love and wanting to become the healthiest version of myself. I was sabotaging my health because of the way I was thinking!

She made me feel comfortable to talk about the hard stuff. She asked tough questions which really made me think. Every week, there were action steps to stay focused on the changes we were trying to make. Her meditation suggestion for “letting go” really helped in dealing with my past. I also learned that I needed to forgive myself. Once it became clearer what was blocking me from living the best version of myself, I am now able to move forward with treating my body right

Nancy Adams