Nikita McGee



I feel so honoured to have had the opportunity to go through this Health and wellness journey with Katrina. What I thought I was getting coaching on was just for my healthy eating, it was so much more than that! The sessions reached deeper than I expected and it helped to empower me as a 1st time mom, who has gone back to work full time and is trying to balance my work life, family life and most important (which was a struggle to come to terms with and I still am struggling with is) ME TIME!

At no point did I feel judged if I ate poorly, I could be honest with her and have care and support not judgment.
I honestly thought I was just going into this for some healthy eating tips and to have someone keep me accountable but we got so much deeper than that and it helped with not just my physical health but my mental health also.

Katrina took on the role as my therapist, coach and confidant and I cant wait to start my next sessions with her!!

Nikita McGee