Breathing Techniques for Rebalancing, Energizing and Calming

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Just Breathe

Too often we forget how simple it is to regain our focus by taking a minute to breathe. Try these breathing techniques first thing in the morning, before bed, at work, or in the car.

Breathe to Balance

I will practice this before I start a meditation, a Reiki session with a client, or prior to doing a distant session.

Lay on your back or sit in a chair with both of your feet flat on the floor. Imagine your Crown Chakra opening up and bring in Universal Light (this may trickle in, or it may flood in) Take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it in your lungs, burning your chest a little. Then release and empty out your lungs and chest completely by exhaling out your mouth.

Do this three to five times.

When you have finished, smile and breathe in gratitude

Second Method: I will practice this after a yoga session, work out, or before bed.

Lay on your back and relax your entire body. Take a deep breath in through your nose and fill your body with breath all the way down to the pit of your belly, allowing your belly to rise full of cleansing breath. Hold the breath and then circle the breath around your heart and lungs, then bring it back to the center of your belly. Exhale through your nose and empty your belly and chest completely allowing your abdomen to deflate. Repeat five to ten times.

You can add in a visualization of breathing in light and love and breathing out pain, stress, anger, or any emotion that does not serve you in this moment.

Energizing Breath: The Breath of Fire

It is called the Breath of Fire because you are required to breath in and out very quickly and it can feel as though you are burning. It is best to do this slowly and then work your way up. Start with one to two minutes. Do this while sitting in a chair or laying down.

Breath in and out very quickly through your nose. You bring in your breath through your nose and exhale quickly out of your nose. Your stomach will rise and fall very fast. Bring in the breath deep to your abdomen and push it out just as fast as you brought it in. By doing this very rapidly, you will bring in energy to your entire body. The more intense you do it, the more you will feel the effects. This will re-energize your entire being.

To Remove Physical Pain

This method can be done anywhere, in the car, at work, sitting or laying down. You focus on one specific problem area that is causing you pain. It could be a chest pain, stomach cramp or leg pain. Begin with rhythmic breathing. (Breathing in and out in rhythm, slow and steady) Then inhale a deep cleansing breath and bring in this breath to the area you are focusing on. (Your chest, cramps or leg) Stimulate this area with healing breath, and when you exhale you focus on breathing out the pain. Drive the pain out of your entire body. Repeat this three to five times.

For Poor Circulation

Begin with rhythmic breathing. In and out through your nose or in your nose and out your mouth, find your rhythm. Then breathe in a cleansing breath and hold it. Imagine that when you exhale you will be exhaling the energy of blood. Bring the breath all the way to the tips of your fingers and toes re circulating your entire body and increasing the flow of blood and energy through your whole being. If you're toes are cold, it means that your circulation is poor and there could be an energy block withholding your energy or chi from getting to that area. This is the subconscious mind at work by bringing in the energy of breath to get things moving again.

For Calm and Harmony

This is also commonly used in Yoga. You can practice this anytime of the day and anywhere. Hold your left nostril closed and breathe in through your right. Hold for one second. Then close off your right nostril and breath in through your left. Hold for one second. Now breathe in through your left nostril and out through your right. Then hold your left and breathe in through your right nostril and out through your left. Do this for five minutes. This will bring you calm, harmony and peace.

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