Coping with Pandemic

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

"Crisis is NOT the enemy, it is the invitation"

I'd like to invite you knee deep into navigating these uncertain waters. Uncertainty is bringing forth all of this fear as we are being faced with a real pandemic causing fear and anxiety. I'd like to invite you to transform this wave of fear and uncertainty into an Epic opportunity to find solidity and your emotional center in this Fear.

This opportunity is a gift to allow our personal wellness to become top priority. Something I am such a massive advocate for. This opportunity is to boost your immunity, navigate through this fear and anxiety, create habits that bring stability in uncertain times, stay connected to a loving and passionate community and lay the foundation where you can feel vibrant and alive.

As a Health Coach, I teach people about our three brains. These brains include our Critter Brain - primary instinct for Survival, our Lymbic Brain - in charge of our emotions, and the Cortex - which is responsible for our evolution. Our critter brain starts to freak out as it's main function is to make sure we Survive. So, we need to CALM the Critter Brain. How do we do that? We need to gain clarity, connect to what is true and access our personal power. Then we can express our personal power through action.

It's easy to fall into the fear loop of what we may be losing; how can we re look at this as an opportunity to Gain? What have you done in the past to get through a tough time? Our resiliency is still here and we need to lean on it more than ever today.

The Critter Brain may be winding you up so much that all you can focus on is this pain. What will happen today, tomorrow and when this is all over with? It is cutting off our ability to think creatively. What is one thing that you can engage in to give it your all so that you can do the best to create the outcome you want? What are you certain about? Certainty and clarity trumps all fear.

Here are 10 Wellness Tips to Boost your Immune System as we endure this Pandemic:

1. Take your Vitamins - A, B, C, D and E plus a pro-biotic. EAT THE RAINBOW. You can ingest Oil of Oregano or rub along your Lung Reflex to avoid the horrid taste. Lavender is also a wonderful Essential Oil that will help your lungs - rub along the lung reflex on your feet.

2. Quit Smoking and Quit Alcohol. Both lower the immune system.

3. Quit Sugar - high processed foods and high sugar foods lower your immune system (this virus is attacking those with lowered immune systems and we are seeing a high death rate due to this) Need Help doing this? Check out my Love Your Health Wellness Program.

4. Detox your Liver - Have a lemon a day. Squeeze a lemon into water (hot or cold) and drink it right away. The fresh enzymes from the lemon act as a natural liver cleaner. Can't stand lemon? Try Dandelion tea.

5. Sleep six to eight hours each day. I can't stress this enough. Your body heals when you are sleeping. We need sleep to repair, just as we need rest days in between heavy lifting at the gym, and we need relaxation when faced with high stress at work. It's our balance point. Make sure that you are getting enough. Read here on How to Improve the Quality of your Sleep.

6. Sweat! Make sure you are getting in a 30 minute sweat sesh! The lymphatic system is activated through sweat. The ONLY way to flush our system from toxins is to amp up our lymph system. You can do this through eating certain foods (basically a huge elimination cleanse - Check out my Metabolism Reset Cleanse, Starting May 11, 2020), getting a lymphatic drainage massage and of course sweating! Since I'm sure not everyone lives with an RMT, my suggestion is to get your sweat on to detox your body, activate your circulatory system, and burn some fat! Check out my 4 Week At Home Program complete with an exercise library of photos and descriptions