How to Create a Meaningful Morning Ritual

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

How you start your morning can set the tone, theme and re calibrate your energy for the entire day.

I am an early riser and always have been.

I love waking up early and am usually trending the latest diet and exercise plan which had me convincing myself that at 4:30am I would finally hit my goal weight if I could just get a workout in before the kids got up, before breakfast and before work. The only problem with this was that it exhausted me. I would wake up, drink a cup of black coffee as my “pre work out” and then head down to my living room where I would lift weights and do cardio to the latest video on beach body for sixty minutes. I would then hop into the shower, chug a protein shake, and proceed to get myself ready for work, make lunches, get the kids off to school and run out the door to clock into the office anywhere between 7:15 and 7:30 am. I would then spend 8-9 hours in the office and then come home, exhausted and hop right back into mom mode of making dinner, playing taxi, and grabbing groceries or whatever was needed for that particular evening. I could barely make it to 9pm and we started a new night time routine of the kids tucking me into bed and kissing me as I was so depleted once the chores were done, I would pass out usually before 9 o’clock.

After months of only seeing minimal progress, addicted to caffeine, and most evenings I would share my kitchen with a glass or two of wine to accompany me while I cooked dinner, I decided to enrol in and become a Health Coach and declared that SLOW MORNINGS would now take over. I agreed to be kinder to myself, to love myself more and be gentle with my body.

I would set the alarm for 5am, get up and start the coffee. Then I would read for an hour whilst sipping my black Sumatra and then proceed to shower and get myself and my house ready for the day. Workouts were then pushed to after work where I would hurry through them so that I could get dinner on the table, and started requesting help of my teenagers and husband. This worked for a while but it still wasn’t stopping mid-day exhaustion and the need for an early bed time.

I started reading and researching how to have productive days, how to stay energized all day, how to manifest what I want and to over all have better days. And I’m happy to share with you how simple it is. By creating a morning ritual that works best for you, you are setting yourself up for success. Here is the breakdown.

1. Start with a quick prayer – say thank you to the Universe/God/Creator, whatever your faith is. Give thanks
2. Request that the Universe is to use you to flow in how it seems fit for you today
3. Get Up
4. Drink a glass of water and then have tea or coffee
5. Read or Journal (anywhere from 15-60 minutes)
6. Move for pleasure – this can be your morning workout, stretches, walk the dog, do yoga
7. Meditate – anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes
8. Get ready for your day – review your calendar and away you go

When doing these steps, you will stay in alignment and in flow with the Universe. Speaking to the Universe and meditating enables you to enhance your connection to that which is greater and tunes your energy and frequency. The higher your frequency, the higher your vibrations reach, the more positive vibes you emit, the more happiness and positive vibes come back to you.

You can make this a quick morning ritual or a longer morning ritual depending on what you have scheduled for that day.

Here is a shorter version: Wake up and thank the Universe for today, ask how best you would like to use me today (request that the Universe is to guide you), (5 minutes) get up and have coffee, read or journal (15 minutes) do some yoga (20 minutes), meditate, (10 minutes) and then hop into the shower to start your day. Total time: 50 minutes.

All of this when you wake up an hour earlier. You could compliment this by doing a late afternoon or evening workout, or walking the dog or kids, and then finishing your day with 15 minutes of reading or journaling.

My morning ritual is a bit longer and I will share with you my personal mornings: Again, sticking with my pleasurable SLOW MORNINGS, I begin by greeting the Universe with a thank you and a smile. “Good morning Beautiful, thank you for today. Thank you for my life. I am truly happy” How can I be of service today? Show me how you would like to use me today, I surrender to you.

Then I get up and drink my first 16 ounces of water followed by starting the coffee pot. Once my coffee is brewed I will then sit in my recliner and read and sometimes journal for about an hour. After reading, I begin an 11 minute Kundalini meditation called Kirtan Kriya. This meditation is designed to bring the body, mind and emotions into balance to elevate your presence and enable healing. Kirtan Kriya combines a mantra (the singing) and hand gestures. You can try it Here. I learned this meditation through Gabby Bernstein in The Universe Has Your Back (great book, I highly recommend reading it) You need to sit with your back straight and in alignment, then have your fingers tap along with the singing. You will repeat the mantra Saa Taa Naa Maa as you tap your thumb on your pointer, then tap your thumb on your middle, then ring, and then little finger. Repeat the tapping through the entire meditation. Practising Kirtan Kriya has shown to reduce stress levels and increase activity in areas of the brain that support memory. Use this to slow down and tune in. It’s very pretty and I imagine light coming in through my third eye filling me up with love and light. Once I am done the meditation, I then will have some fruit and oatmeal and get changed to do my work out. I still love working out in the morning and head down to my garage where my home gym is. I’ll work out anywhere between 40-60 minutes and some days