How To Take Care Of Your Personal Energies

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

In China, a doctor is to pay attention to your subtle energies and keep you healthy by reading or sensing your energy. All illnesses and dis-ease first show up in your subtle energies before manifesting into your physical body. If you become ill in your physical body, the doctor in China will not be paid as he has failed. Western doctors are taught to treat the illness in our physical body after it has downloaded from our energy bodies.

It is important to realize that your body is its own matrix of energy systems and every single person is different and unique. Your energy blueprint is as original as your own thumbprint. Your energy shifts and changes from moment to moment. Have you every noticed what happens to you when someone you are attracted to walks into the room? Or someone you dislike? Your vibrations change.

Feeling or Sensing Your Own Energy

You can feel your own energies by rubbing your hands together quickly for about 10 seconds. Then pull them away from each other, about six inches and hold them there. You can feel heat and almost a magnetic sense. Try pulling your hands away from each other and see how far you can pull them apart before you lose the sensation.

She is walking towards the hangers to see how far out her Aura is around her

She is able to get close where the hangers have opened right up. Girl walking in has her energy hovering close

Another example do try with a partner. Hold two wire hangers with the hooks facing your partner, you are holding the larger end loosely in each hand. Point them towards your partner. Have your partner slowly walk towards you and away from you. Watch the wire hangers open as your partner comes closer and then close as your partner walks away from you. When the hangers open, you will know how far your partner's energy is protruding. People who are attuned to energy healing usually have a long range of energy radiating from them and won't need to walk too close to you to have the hangers open, while someone who is sick or ill, will need to come quite close to you to get the hangers to open.

How To Know When Your Energies Are Off

When your energies are flowing naturally, simple activities such as walking and running revitalize and strengthen you. One of the first things that will happen when you are tired or feeling ill is that activities that would normally revitalize you and replenish your energy begin to drain you. This is because your meridians have begun to run backwards. Your body forces you to feel exhausted and tired as it wants to re balance you, release toxins and regenerate itself through rest and sleep. If you do not rest, this will manifest into a cold or the flu, depression, or you will injure yourself forcing you to take a break and rest.

Replenish And Revitalize Your Personal Energy:

  • Have a hot bath with ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of Epsom salts. Soak for 20 minutes.

  • Indulge in regular Foot Reflexology Treatments, reflexology moves the energy throughout your meridians and entire body as energy can easily get stuck at our feet and become stagnant.

  • Visit an Energy Therapist for a Chakra clearing and re-balancing treatment.

  • Visit an Energy Therapist for Tapping Points and Key Energy Replenishing exercises.

  • Deep Breathing Exercises partnered with Tai Chi or Yoga.

  • Take the time to rest, journal, do stretching or yoga, walk outside and get some vitamin D, vitamin O (Oxygen), and vitamin F (FUN), laugh, relax, and just be.

How To Protect Your Energy

When you need to be put into an environment that has a lot of people around you such as a workplace, a large grocery store, a mall or an event where you are surrounded by many people and many different energies, this can make you feel overwhelmed, panicked, ill. To protect your energy try this mental visualization before leaving your house.

  • Picture yourself as a Christmas Tree and you are wrapping lights around your tree. Start at your feet (your roots) and wrap a string of lights around your legs all the way up to the top of your head. Each light on your strand of lights is gold. Light up your lights as they wrap around you from foot to head. Gold is the color of protection. This just keeps your energy protected to yourself and puts an imaginary gold shield around you.

  • You can also picture a gold bubble forming around you, or a gold shield all around you. This will keep your energy safe from all of the other energies that you will be subjected to.

  • I encourage you to try this visualization the next time you know that you will be around many different people and energies.

  • Click HERE for 7 Survival Tips on Protecting your personal energy.

"If you want to age well, Energy well" - Donna Eden, Energy Medicine

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