I AM Ready for Change

Linda found herself at fifty, thirty pounds overweight, losing her memory and lacking in energy. She knew that she had an unhealthy cycle of work, eat, sleep but didn't' know how to break this habit.

Linda relied heavily on latte's to give her a sense of false energy to "get her through each day."

Loving her job and openly admitting that she was a workaholic, we needed to find something that would fit into her busy work day and leave her feeling relaxed and fulfilled at the end of the day instead of frazzled and stressing about tomorrow.

After weighing her options Linda decided to jump right into the Metabolism Reset to really get her health back on track. The first week was a huge wake up call as the toxins started to flush out of her system.

Not only did Linda change the way she was eating, she knew that she needed to get herself onto a better daily routine. Nourishment is meant for the body, mind and soul. She started making home made snacks to have throughout the day and actually sitting down for dinner after work. She created an evening routine that was stress free and relaxing - her new "power down hour"

In the short three weeks that Linda followed the Metabolism Reset to the letter, she lost 7 lbs. right away and the pounds have continued to keep melting away. She has her energy back, and her memory is starting to clear up too. She is happy to report that she can now "remember the little things" which is needed in her busy career.

Linda has made a few adjustments to how her week is scheduled as well as her daily routine. Her new habits are helping immensely and she is loving her new way of eating. Linda hopped right into the 90 day Coaching Program as she wanted to make sure that she stays on track over the holiday season. She is seeing numbers on the scale that she hasn't seen in years. She says that she was so ready for change and is loving every minute of this journey!