Lifestyle vs. Diet and Exercise

A week ago I was asked to speak on Lifestyle vs. Exercise and Diet. Here is what I had to say about this topic. Lifestyle is all about our habits; what we choose to do day in and day out consistently. Our habits make up our lifestyle. Do you want to change your life? Then you will need to change your habits. A "healthy lifestyle" includes a healthy diet and fitness plan as well as a body mind connection. A healthy lifestyle also looks at everything else involved including what I like to refer as "The Big FIVE" areas of your life:

  1. Health;

  2. Love;

  3. Money;

  4. Career; and

  5. Connection to that which is greater.

Living a healthy life should be about joy, pleasure and nourishment. Food should be used as both a fuel source and desired indulgence. Movement should be used both as an energy enhancer as well as a desired indulgence; and should be done with joy and fun. If movement is not pleasurable then you're doing it wrong. With all of the different choices that are available today; weight lifting, tabata, yoga, zumba, dance, running, online training, to name a few, you should be able to find something fun, motivating, and exhilarating. Heck, I remember when there was only step classes at the gym (yes that clearly dates me)! Find and do what excites you.

When you are open to giving and receiving love, then love magnifies itself in your world. Love and connection are a very human part of living and thriving. This includes love from a spouse, child, family, friends, community and most importantly - self love.

And money. We have some . . . we want more. By making small habitual changes in how you live your life, you will not only make amazing changes in the area of money, health, love and career but I can show you how to change your relationship to money as well. Perhaps you need to change your perspective and learn to let things go or to make bigger changes that allow you to make more money. Money is energy and as the same lesson applies to love, be open to giving and receiving it. When you truly say yes and commit to change your vibrations start to move on a higher frequency; therefore bringing in more of what you want into your life.

And for career, you've all heard the saying "Do what you Love". We are realizing that life is too short to be stuck in a job that you dislike. You spend eight or more hours a day immersed in your work so you best find some connection, passion, love or joy from it. If not - change it.

Your environment can provide mental and soul nourishment by simply getting outside and unplugging. Sitting by water; an ocean or river and or hiking in the woods. This also rolls into your spiritual balance. Whether you go to church or meditate, receive reiki or practise other holistic modalities will enhance your connection to that which is greater. When we are aligned with who we are and connected to that which is greater; we have purpose.

In conclusion, your lifestyle is so much more than just diet and exercise. Your daily habits that make up how you spend your time, the things you do on a consistent basis create the life that you are living. If you would like different, if you would like to be more aligned with who you are or want to become, then please contact me for a free discovery session to learn where you are, where you want to go and how we can get you there!