Pre-Diabetic Mom of Four

Updated: Apr 22

Erin, a loving mom of four has been struggling with her weight and battling pre diabetes for a few years. She has fallen victim to yo-yo dieting - always gaining back more than what she had lost.

Erin has endured major life stressors including a daughter that was in a life threatening accident, which then lead to substance abuse and self destruction. Erin became addicted to smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee as her daily diet.

This way of life was playing havoc on her health and her family. Erin finally said ENOUGH!

When Erin first started working with me, she had already weaned herself off prescription medications and quit smoking. She was very aware of what she wanted to put into her body and her health was top priority.

We began the 90 Day Health Coaching Program and Erin fully committed herself to this health journey. She needed someone to keep her accountable, and this was a little bit of a test to see if she could follow through with a full 90 days.

Erin also participated in the Fall Metabolism Reset and has continued to keep a majority of the teachings from those 21 days into her daily life. The reset helped her to detox and literally reset her food, mind and schedule. (Body, Mind, Balance)

Erin learned how to connect to her body and pay attention to the cues it was giving her. She ate when she was hungry, and stopped when she was full. If her body begged her for a break, she would rest and we worked together on creating an amazing time management schedule for her to follow. This not only flowed for her health, but for her business and entire family.

Erin has lost weight, her skin is vibrant and glowing, and she now has love and honor for her body instead of hatred and anger.

Erin has decided to continue with personal health and life coaching as she realizes the extreme benefits of having an accountability health coach. She has new projects that she is ready to tackle in business and in life now that she has an abundance of energy and feels that she has levelled up!


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