Tips for Sensual Eating

“The Mind Loves Freedom, but the Body Loves Stability”

I now drink my protein shake from a wine glass, turn my diffuser on every morning for a beautiful glow and aroma during breakfast and our morning routine, eat with a table cloth and place mats at the dinner table, enjoy sunny days on my deck for lunch, and cozy dinners in front of my fire place in the winter. These small changes to my environment helps add to the relaxation and sensual experience of enjoying my food on a daily basis.

For optimal digestion and food assimilation, we need to be in a relaxed state. I challenge you to allow yourself to have a Sensual Experience while eating your meals this week. We eat all day with our five senses; you are taking in and consuming your environment, your relationships, your conversations, the thoughts inside your head, the sunshine, fresh air, the movement of your body, sleep, sex, sensuality, and your connection to something greater.

This week, try focusing on slowing down and the sensuality of enjoying your food. Food is fuel – food is also PLEASURE

Try these Tips for Sensual Eating


Savour the rainbow colours of your food, the awesomeness of nature’s bounty—all of

which grows in the earth and is fed from the rain and the sun.


Bring your food close up to your nose and inhale deeply so you can smell and savour

flavors like never before.


What’s the texture of your food? Of your utensils? Of the napkin on your lap?


This involves sight, smell and touch - what environment are you creating for yourself

when you eat? Candles? Favourite china or tablecloth? Drinking out of a crystal goblet

instead of water glass? When you eat a meal, you’re eating your environment as well (which is why eating while driving or on the run can feel so stressful)

Turn off email and computers and phones while eating - make your meal a special time

just for you


Chew your food for about 30 chews - notice the texture of the food, let yourself

breathe while chewing

Pamper Yourself

You might think “But it’s just me - why would I go to all this trouble of having a

beautiful meal?”

Excellent question! I ask in return “Who better to treat so luxuriously and lovingly than yourself?”