Welcome to the Strong 150 


Portia and Katrina will coach you through an intense 150 days of serious training! 


Complete the Challenge and earn $100 back!!


All coaching, live videos and exercise demo's will be on the face book group page - See you there!


Phase One: Build your foundation - learn the basics of clean eating, begin new habits and solidify your routine. This first 50 days is to take you on a physical journey of commitment, change, and support.


Phase Two: Sculpt and Strengthen. These next 50 days will take you through a mind to muscle connection to amp up the repetitions and weights that you are using. Nutrition gets a little tighter as we are focus more on when we eat and how we eat as well as what we eat. You need to dig into commitment and accountability.


Phase Three: We reach peak physique. The final 50 days amp up the reps and weights one more time as we add in a few more tweaks to your nutrition timings. At this level we are serious about results and our end game is to finish strong!


Two mastermind coaches bringing you each of their expertise. 





Strong 150