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Foot Reflexology

Pressure & Massage applied to reflex points bring wellness and healing

  • 1 hour
  • 60 Canadian dollars
  • Willingdon Street

Service Description

Foot reflexology is a science based natural therapy that promotes balance through relaxation and stress reduction. Reflexology is gentle pressure applied to all of the reflex areas on your feet that are related to various muscle groups, organs and systems in your whole body. Reflexology is non-invasive and very relaxing. Benefits from receiving a Foot Reflexology treatment: • Reflexology helps to promote lymphatic drainage • Can remove lactic acid from the leg and feet area four times faster than a massage. A noted necessity for relief of muscle tightness in the legs  • Increases blood circulation to an injured area of the body by removing toxins and bringing in oxygen. Increase in circulation assists in preventing cramps, spasms, aches and pains that are associated with sport training. • Stress and tension tightens the cardiovascular system and restricts blood flow which results in tissues becoming oxygen deprived. When you stimulate the nerve endings in your feet, this will keep your blood circulation flowing optimally which will rejuvenate your tissues. • Reflexology promotes deep relaxation and by putting your body into a deep state of Zen which allows for faster natural healing, improved sleep and reduced tension. • Helps to remove energy blockages that run through your meridians and also helps to release endorphins. • Promotes focus, concentration and enhances the function of all systems in the body.  Feel better, do better, win more. How Does Reflexology Help? It enhances the body’s immune system, improves lymphatic drainage, improves the quality of sleep, promotes deep relaxation, reduces stress, anxiety and tension, promotes better digestion, improves circulation and gives the recipient a sense of well-being. The most common way of using reflexology is through applying pressure to stimulate the reflex areas of the feet. This pressure when applied to tight or gritty areas of the food will stimulate the corresponding body part to begin healing itself. The soles of the feet contain a large number of reflexes that connect with organs, glands or nerves in the body. Stimulating these points in the body to alleviate symptoms and pains can achieve wonderful results. Reflexology can speed up the removal of toxins and waste products from the body and improve the circulation of the blood.

Contact Details

  • 30 Willingdon Street, Oromocto, NB, Canada

    506 999 6802

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