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A Japanese method used to balance chakra's and promote wellness.

  • 1 hour
  • 60 Canadian dollars
  • Willingdon Street

Service Description

Reiki (pronounced RAY, means Spiritual) and KI (pronounced KEY, means Life Force) is the Universal Life Force Energy that is transferred through the attuned practitioner to the recipient. It involves a “laying or hovering of the hands” over parts of the body including the seven chakra areas. Reiki does not manipulate the muscles, instead it encourages even flow of energies through our chakra's and meridians creating healing for the recipient. Benefits from receiving a Reiki treatment: • Helps to prevent severe Injuries • Boosts memory, concentration and focus • Relieves sore muscles and stiffness • Reiki improves post workout recovery and speeds up the healing of injury • Can help to release fears, anxiety and worry • Helps to focus the mind, which allows the body to strengthen and then relax.  This helps to create a calmer, confident and intuitive self-being. • Promotes balance. • Can help on an emotional level usually bringing about a more positive and stronger outlook on life. By reducing negative emotions of anger, fear and worry, Reiki allows confidence to surface.  • Reiki Energy has an intelligence of its own that goes wherever it is needed in the body and aura. • Reiki helps to cleanse the body of toxins • Can enhance stamina, intuition, mediation, and spiritual evolution • Can heal plants, animals and even machines • Has been used in healing the Earth and is used for treatment of world events • Reiki and other energy therapies are a valuable tool for anyone who wants to empower their personal evolution. • Reiki treatments are used the same way as salon treatments such as massage, facials, or mud baths – to cleanse toxins and pamper yourself. Reiki is completely safe and there are no known side effects. A regular Reiki practice will also help to release any energetic blockages, tension and toxins, allowing the body to heal and recover faster. An introduction to practicing Reiki can increase the flow of a higher vibration of your own energies and will work to harmonize your own personal growth and bring back into balance the body, mind and spirit (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual).

Contact Details

  • 30 Willingdon Street, Oromocto, NB, Canada

    506 999 6802

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