You Deserve to have the Health, Body
and Life that you Want, and it starts

If you are done, like really done starting over, feeling overwhelmed, yo-yo dieting, hitting burn out, and living in constant exhaustion...

Then I'd like to personally welcome you to a new way of being. I call this connecting to your Warrior Woman Spirit. Now, before you go clicking away, I'm not getting all woo woo on you here. This means overcoming all of the above obstacles. Let's hit them head on and eliminate them. I offer solution based custom built programs to transform your life and health.

Laser Coaching

Have you ever wanted to work with a Health or Life Coach?

Now you can! Introducing my Laser Coaching Package. A total deep dive into what is keeping you stuck from living the life that you want to live.

LASER COACHING is targeted specifically to getting to the root of what is holding you back and how we can break free from those barriers.

Join me for one on one intensive coaching. Laser Coaching includes 5 weeks of private one on one coaching sessions with me, your Wellness Boss.

Let's connect to see if laser coaching is right for you!

One payment of $300 or 2 payments of $150

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Pink Sugar

 Start Now! 

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Your Wellness Transformation

Start Here with Your Wellness Transformation

Personal Investment: $1200 or 3 equal payments of $400

A 12 week one on one health and life coaching program for women ready to leave burnout behind and instead find balance, transform their health and mindset, and get back in control of their life.

1. I work with you to decode your symptoms, wants, desires and connect you to what your cravings are telling you.

2. Together we will unpack your habit and fear loops that are keeping you stuck and holding you back.

3. Set up personal boundaries, stop the self sabotage cycle, create new beliefs and habits to build you the health and life that you are proud of and are excited to wake up to every day

Right from the beginning, she made suggestions that caused a shift in my thinking 


Katrina is with you every step of the way, guiding and leading you to better health and wellness. She wholeheartedly goes on your health journey with you - unravelling, discovering and celebrating you. She is like a best friend who is kind, funny as heck but one who is honest and truthful nd has your best interest at heart. She rocks!


Wow, I waited too long to do this for myself. No crash diets, no ridiculously long exercise routines, just real solutions to my individual needs


Katrina took on the role as my therapist, coach and confidant and I can't wait to start my next session with her